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Fusion Service

Fusion Service allows you to keep track of units and maintain only one file that is shared with Sales and Lease/Rental through the full life of the unit. Track preventive maintenance and deferred repairs to drive revenue while building trust with your customers. Maximize potential billable hours by monitoring technician proficiency, efficiency, and productivity.
  • With Deferred Repairs, you can postpone work that a customer has opted not to complete while minimizing the need for data entry.  Quickly see what hasn’t been completed, which can help aid in upselling and reduce liability.
  • Drive revenue and build trust with your customers via Preventive Maintenance.  Generate a calendar or meter-based maintenance schedule, which makes it easy to prevent failures and downtime, all while minimizing the need to manually key information into the system.
  • Manage shop load by tracking appointments and planning for work that is going to be done in the shop today, tomorrow, next week, and beyond.  Scheduling puts a system in place for reminding customers of upcoming appointments, as well as for scheduling bays, technicians, or other resources, like tools.
  • It’s no secret that the right tools can increase efficiency and productivity.  eTech allows technicians to click on to repair orders, request parts, enter stories, communicate with personnel, update meter readings, and much more without leaving their bay.
  • Easily monitor technician productivity and efficiency to analyze which repairs technicians do best, helping you assign the right work to the right technician.

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