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Lease / Rental

Fusion Lease/Rental

Fusion Lease/Rental allows you to keep track of units, monitor billing, and maintain only one file that is shared with Sales and Service through the full life of the unit. Attach documents and photos to each contract and make comments, keeping all unit information in one convenient location.
  • L/R Billing Management combines all the features you’ll need to bill charges effectively and efficiently by automatically calculating your charges. Fusion allows you to utilize many different billing frequencies, from monthly, weekly, daily, 28/30 day billing, advanced billing, and more.
  • Decrease cost and build trust with your customers via Preventive Maintenance. Generate a calendar or meter-based maintenance schedule, which makes it easy to prevent failures and downtime, all while minimizing the need to manually key information into the system.
  • With Unit Tracking, you can track a lease/rental rate that’s tied to the unit, categorize units by equipment type and class, assign unlimited characteristics about the unit, attach images of the unit, track the parent and child relationships between units, manage all repair history, and track meter readings.
  • The Operating Statement and Profit and Loss reports provide a simple and fast way to deliver relevant and compelling information about the health of your business.

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