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Fusion Parts

Fusion Parts provides you with tools to help maximize your profits, maintain tighter inventory control, make quicker and better inventory decisions with real-time data, and enhance your customer’s experience with your parts department.
  • Customer Special Pricing allows the flexibility to drive pricing based on customer price type, cost matrix, velocity pricing, promotional pricing, and price rounding options, which helps to increase parts price profitability.
  • Stay on top of customer needs with Fusion Purchasing, which takes the guesswork out of maintaining proper stock levels, managing customer backorders, and transferring inventory between branches.
  • Ensure the parts you’re purchasing are being sold properly.  Obsolescence Management allows you to track parts that would otherwise sit stagnant on shelves, which reduces your inventory turns.
  • When handled properly, cores can be an asset to your business. Fusion Core Tracking helps establish and enforce good control methods so you can increase profitability on cores and help move your business forward.

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