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Alerts With Fusion

An Alert Is an Automated message…

…or notification that allows you to monitor your key metrics in real-time, automatically indicating when critical events take place. Don’t wait for a report to be generated to know what’s happening – alerts are sent RIGHT NOW.

Receive Alerts from Any Device, Anywhere, Any Time

With multiple delivery options including email, text, push notifications, and your user message center, you ensure that you will receive critical business information in the quickest and most efficient way.

Increase Efficiency with Robust Functionality

Alerts have uses and benefits for all areas of your dealership. By allowing you to monitor what is happening in your system, you have the ability to see who is doing what and when in a format convenient to you. Beyond that, alerts can also be used to communicate with team members and even directly to customers.

Alerts Have Uses and Benefits for All Across the Dealership!

These automated updates improve process flow and reduce liability. In addition to saving time and streamlining operations, alerts allow you to provide employees with the support they crave through coaching alerts, real-time warnings, and performance notifications. You can even set up custom alerts to get critical information to the right people at the right time.

  • Notify a parts manager when the sales price has been changed below a gross profit percentage
  • Notify the service department when a backordered part has been received for a unit in the shop
  • Send alerts to a customer when their payment has been received
  • Trigger a cycle count review when a part goes negative in quantity on hand
  • Keep your customer up to date of a change in status of their unit in the service shop
  • Let a customer know repairs are done and their unit is ready for pickup
  • Notify a purchasing agent when a part needs to be escalated for an order
  • Send a notification when a unit has been returned to the Lease/Rental department and needs to be sent to service

Choose from a premade collection or create and customize alerts like the examples above to fit your specific business needs.