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Karmak and CEO Both Show Vigor During 35th Year

Karmak is pleased to report good health in 2016.

Closing in on 100 customers running Karmak Fusion at 500 locations, and 94 locations successfully brought live since January 1st, the year is off to a strong start.  Karmak is more committed than ever to making sure customers are satisfied with their business solutions.

Founder Richard Schien’s return as President & CEO 9 months ago prompted Karmak to temporarily slow the installations of new Fusion customers to help ensure the overall quality of the Fusion product.  Karmak has since resumed its normal installation schedule and Schien is excited to note the recent progress Karmak has been making.  The Partner Solutions group is becoming more up-to-date with OEM suppliers and buying groups, and advancements are being made on Accounting and Lease/Rental modules. “There’s still more to come, but we are hearing back from many of our customers that they are seeing progress,” says Schien.

Karmak is currently placing heavy emphasis on improving Fusion quality and is on target to hit their goals. “It’s not as fast as we would like, but we are definitely moving forward,” says Schien, “We are adding additional developers to speed our progress in making improvements and will continue to work to make Fusion a more attractive option for our customers and new prospects alike.”

It isn’t just the company itself that is in good health, however.  Schien has recovered well from stomach surgery and completed his last infusion of chemotherapy on June 1st.  He is in the office almost every day, and Karmak employees couldn’t be happier to see that he is doing well.

Looking to the future, Schien asserts that Karmak has no plans to set a sunset date for its Legacy platforms. “No sunset date has been set for either INFO5 or Legend. We are doing some short and long-term planning in terms of potential migrations to Fusion and the effect on staffing levels and resources”, says Schien.