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What’s Your Baseline?

With so many reporting tools and features available in Fusion it can be overwhelming to determine how to find baseline reporting.  We know where good reporting can take your business.  We’re going to help get you there. We’re breaking down some of the essential tools to assist you in optimizing your business.

Baseline Reporting

The Karmak team taken the guesswork out of reporting with a list of recommended reports that can be useful to your business which can be viewed daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.   It provides you with tips on the importance of running these reports to help grow your business.  These reports can be scheduled to print, email, and/or archived to KOLD (Karmak Online Documents) to help get information to the right team member(s).

Baseline Report

Out-of-the-Box Fusion Reports

Fusion has hundreds of reports available right out of the box.  If you are unsure what reports are currently available or where to find them, no worries we’ve put a document together to easily identify those reports by department.  This documentation can be easily found on the HOME page of the Fusion help file.  In addition, the help file has a wealth of information to assist you with Fusion in general.

Fusion Report Writer Help File

Looking for a self-service tool to assist with specific reporting requirements – we have the right tool for you.  Fusion Report Writer was designed so the everyday user can create simple analyses and dashboards.  This tool will allow users to select data, apply filters, build charts and publish the information to a dashboard that can be easily shared with other users.  We’ve put together a document/video to help take your reporting to the next level.

Fusion Report Writer Report

We know that reporting can be overwhelming, which is why Karmak is here to help.