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fusionZONE Launches Integration with Karmak

LAKELAND, FL, April 13, 2021 — fusionZONE, a leading provider of high-performance websites and digital marketing services to vehicle dealers across the nation, today announced a strategic partnership with Karmak™, a leading provider of state-of-the-art dealership management systems (DMS) for commercial transportation, equipment and powersports retailers.

fusionZONE will leverage its experience with over 800 dealer partners today to provide the same excellent customer service and inventory-based websites as it expands  into this market. With the highest converting automotive websites today, they are up for the task.

“We’re excited and proud to be partnering with Karmak™ to deliver high-performance websites with an integrated DMS for commercial vehicle, heavy equipment and power sports retailers around the country. By joining forces with Karmak, we create a game-changing combination. This is an exciting development because we can offer integrated, award-winning digital marketing solutions to dealers on the Karmak DMS platform” said fusionZONE CEO Ed Barton.

Karmak DMS customers can now enjoy seamless integration of their commercial vehicle inventories on custom-built, high-converting websites.

“Karmak is committed to enhancing its leading platform with solutions from top providers like fusionZONE that already have extensive experience helping customers like ours,” said Craig Grade, Business Development Director at Karmak. “This exciting partnership offering website and digital marketing solutions to our customers.”

About fusionZONE Automotive

fusionZONE is an award-winning website provider and full-service digital marketing agency that helps dealers streamline the ever-evolving landscape. Founded in 2009, fusionZONE has always been deliberately different. Embracing the underdog role, we’ve quietly rolled up our sleeves and helped dealers increase their website traffic, leads and sales with our high-performance websites and digital marketing services.

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Karmak, Inc. is a leading provider of business management solutions for the commercial transportation industry. Karmak offers a unique approach combining innovative technology, strategic advice, and best practices. Learn more at