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Warehouse Distributors

The Fusion Solution for Warehouse Distributors

Karmak Fusion™, our flagship Windows-based solution is designed specifically for the heavy-duty industry to handle the varied demands of operating a WD. Built using over 40 years of industry experience, our full end-to-end business management system solution is real-time, easy to navigate, and easy to learn. From seamless onboarding to powerful reporting capabilities and built-in accountability, Karmak Fusion is designed to make your business more efficient and profitable.

Don’t Go It Alone

Karmak is here for you and ready to help your organization thrive. We have dedicated teams in training, online learning, applications support, project management, and installations to help you along the way. Your success is our success! Put Karmak Fusion to work for you and do business with a partner in the industry by contacting us today.

Unify All Departments Within Your Business

Fusion’s modules allow you to run your business the way you see fit, offering a comprehensive approach to help you manage all aspects of being a warehouse distributor:


Fusion Accounting is an all-encompassing accounting package with complete integration to all other Fusion modules: Service, Parts, Sales, and Lease/Rental. All transactions are done in real-time, giving you the most up-to-date, accurate information. Increase efficiency and save time with drill-down functionality from the transaction set to the original document to see the information you need, when you need it.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

General Ledger

Fixed Assets

Notes Payable


Fusion Parts provides you with tools to help maximize your profits, maintain tighter inventory control, make quicker and better inventory decisions with real-time data, and enhance your customers’ experience with your Parts department.

Inventory Control Management



Point of Sale


Fusion’s dynamic reporting capabilities provide you with what you need to get the most out of your data. We know which types of reports you should be running… daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Even more importantly, though, we know WHY. Our reporting road map, broken down by module, is going to help you monitor and measure only what’s important to your business.

Enhance Collaboration

Make smarter business decisions when your organization is working with the same reports and goals. Working with our reporting road map will transform how you view your business and put you on a path to:

Build Custom Reports & Dashboards

Gain valuable insight into your entire business by customizing reports and dashboards that will help you access the data needed to drive decision making and quickly analyze opportunities and trends in real-time.

OEM/3rd Party Integrations for Warehouse Distributors

Over our 40 years in the industry, Karmak has nurtured strong partnerships with OEMS and 3rd parties that have allowed us to provide a variety of integrations for the Fusion business system that will help you streamline operations across your departments and stay in compliance with OEM requirements.

OEM Integrations

Revolutionizing the commercial transportation industry with its groundbreaking business management solutions.

Fusion Integrations

The comprehensive Microsoft Windows DMS dealer management system we provide operates in real-time, is easy to learn, and straightforward to navigate.