Truck Service, Inc.’s Quarter Century of Growth.

On October 1st, Indianapolis-based Truck Service, Inc. (TSI) celebrated its 25th business anniversary.

Since 1995, when three forward-thinking entrepreneurs – Darrell Fife, Don Jones, and Dennis Meyer – established the Company, TSI has grown to become of one of the nation’s premier independent providers of repair and maintenance services for light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks.

Dennis Meyer, Truck Service, Inc., President

We recently caught up with TSI President Dennis Meyer to discuss the changes he has seen in the last quarter century.

How has the commercial transportation industry evolved in the last 25 years?

“The heavy-duty industry has traditionally lagged far behind the automotive industry in the adoption of innovative, cutting-edge technologies. This gap has closed significantly over the last several years (e.g., in alternative fuels, electric-powered and self-driving vehicles, etc.). As a result, we have significantly expanded our parts and service offerings.”

Truck Service, Inc. 25th Anniversary Logo

What about evolutions in the repair, maintenance, and parts landscape during the same period?

“As with most industries, the proliferation of the internet and the infinite resources available has changed the way we access information and markets. We now have a myriad of ways to reach both customers and suppliers, which have greatly improved our efficiency in sourcing parts and completing repairs.”

How has the marketing of TSI changed during the same period?

“There are certainly challenges with expanding through acquisition. The key to minimizing those challenges is in the due diligence process prior to agreeing to an acquisition. Many times, these challenges can lead to positive change within the rest of the organization. For example, the introduction of fresh ideas, new products and services, and advancement opportunities for current team members.”

Tell us about your relationship with Karmak and how the Fusion platform and Karmak team have impacted the TSI business.

“The Karmak team has been a valued partner since our inception 25 years ago (actually, since 1989 when you include our prior company). Our conversion from Legend to Fusion roughly a year ago has greatly enhanced our ability to manage our business in real-time by providing efficient access to all our data with a broad range of tools on a single Windows platform.”

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