Providing Value Through Truck or Trailer Appraisal

At first glance, it doesn’t appear that the appraisal process for a used truck or trailer would provide much value for a customer. If anything, a customer’s perception of how much “value” they received in the appraisal process would seem to be largely tied to how much you told them their equipment is worth.

There still might be some truth in that, but with a willingness to go the extra mile and meticulous attention to detail, the appraisal process can be an opportunity to provide real value. If you’re ready to capitalize on this opportunity, you can start with these five steps.

  1. Provide clear and simple trade terms
  2. Use an appraisal form
  3. Show the details that you are looking for when you do your inspection on the appraisal form
  4. Have the customer sign the appraisal form and provide them with a copy
  5. Be upfront with any reconditioning estimate

Always remember that any unit brought in is more than just equipment, it is also the customer’s money. Providing a good appraisal for their trade-in will provide the customer with many benefits.

The value of a well-rounded appraisal is something you should market to your customers. When a customer reaches out to you and would like to know how much you would offer for their trade-in over the phone or via email, you can actively market the fact that you have a “no charge and no obligation” multi-point appraisal process that allows them to get the most out of their trade.

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