Karmak Targeted by Ransomware Attack

March 10, 2023 – Carlinville, IL – On the morning of February 14, 2023, Karmak shut down internal servers to minimize the damage caused by a targeted ransomware attack.

Jim Allen, CEO/President notified their entire customer base of the attack via email, “Our current situation is that we were impacted by a ransomware incident. The ransomware was able to encrypt some of our systems, which has resulted in an outage for some of you. We have engaged third parties to assist our internal team in working to restore our systems. We have also notified law enforcement and federal authorities and have an all-hands on deck operation working hard to get things back up and operational.”

The attack resulted in approximately 18% of Karmak’s customers being unable to operate in their business system for approximately 10 business days. The server which communicates specific OEM information was also affected by the attack and resulted in some customers not being able to transmit some data to their respective OEM. Karmak’s technical teams have worked tirelessly to restore impacted services. In an effort to keep customers aware of the progress being made, daily status updates with as much information as possible have been provided.

There was a tremendous outpour of support from the Karmak customer base and partners who provided sentiments of encouragement and a resolved commitment to partnership, others sent care packages, and several offered resources to help with the recovery efforts. Karmak has been in business for over 40 years; this is an unprecedented event. The heavy-duty industry and the strength in the relationships between Karmak and their customers, partners, and the OEMs has been the “driving force” behind the resolve to come out of this situation better and stronger.

Karmak’s continued commitment to protecting customer’s data, business, and partnership cannot be overstated.