Karmak + sales-i

sales-i is sales performance software created to make selling less stressful and more profitable for any salesperson.  sales-i takes the data stored in Karmak Fusion and configures it into easy-to-use conversation starters for your sales reps, such as:

  • Which customers are buying one product but not the obvious product that goes with it?
  • Which customers have bought from you every month for the last two years but haven’t yet this month?
  • Which customers are down 10% in the braking category located in San Diego and haven’t been contacted in the last month?

Why sales-i?

  • Maximize revenue with simple dashboards that present powerful analytics in an easy format.
  • Speed up meeting prep, call planning and contact management. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Never miss a sales opportunity with powerful alerts, all without having to lift a finger.

Want to know more?  Submit the below for more information on how our partnership with sales-i can help you increase efficiencies across your business.