Sikes Fleet Services: Fusion Helps Sikes Boost Their Bottom Line

Jason Wetzstein, Service Manager | 10/15/2017

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If efficiency is really high in certain areas, then those are the areas that we can look at to do more business.

Preventive maintenance, deferred repairs, and technician efficiency can be big revenue drivers. How you track and monitor them will either boost your revenue or have an adverse impact on your business. Finding a business management system that’s easy to use and does those things can be daunting. Sikes Fleet Services has found all of that since moving to Karmak Fusion in 2011.

According to Jason Wetzstein, Service Manager at Sikes, “Fusion is very easy to use and has some very, very good reports. There are a lot of charts and graphs in BI we use.” From monitoring technician efficiency to tracking preventive maintenance, Sikes has the pulse on their business. Being able to quickly see what’s happening in their business is critical.

Preventive maintenance and deferred repairs

Having a preventive maintenance (PM) program in place can drive revenue and build trust with customers. Return business is often generated by tracking deferred repairs.

According to Wetzstein, “We use Fusion daily to track preventive maintenance services and drive in revenue.” While a vehicle is in the shop, the technicians also take the time to review any additional repairs that may be needed. The customer may refuse, choosing to wait for a future time. If so, Wetzstein says, “we’ll put it on a deferred repair and call the customer back at a later date to get those repairs done.”

Because Fusion is able to track both PM and deferred repairs, the customers at Sikes can have peace of mind. “Often times local managers don’t have time to check and see how often their trucks are being PM’d, so they leave it to us,” acknowledges Wetzstein.

Being able to correctly track their customers’ PM in Fusion has been a great success. Wetzstein states, “It’s one of the main methods we have for generating revenue.”

Technician efficiency

Technicians that complete repairs in a timely manner are key to maximizing the profitability of your shop. From improving shop productivity to decreasing wait times for down units, monitoring technician efficiency will help you know if you are maximizing potential billable hours.

“We definitely monitor the tech’s efficiency,” says Wetzstein. He continues, “If we have any issues or see any drops, we are able to go back and see what transpired.” At this point, if it was a tech ssue or something happened during the job, it can be addressed immediately.

Being able to focus on specific areas where efficiency is at its greatest can be a profit booster. “If efficiency is really high in certain areas, then those are the areas that we can look at to do more business,” Wetzstein explains. Having the right technicians doing the jobs where they are highly efficient and proficient will get more vehicles through the shop, therefore generating more revenue for your business.

As Sikes can attest, Karmak Fusion has made it possible for them to track and monitor preventive maintenance, deferred repairs, and technician efficiency. Staying informed and having the visibility to the daily activities can mean a boost to your bottom line.