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Karmak Fusion Will Make Your Company More Profitable

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    Improve Profits in 2019

    • Maximize your margins with 7 different pricing levels per customer
    • Proactively sell service through preventive maintenance options
    • Sell parts online for reorders and use your experienced parts salesmen for the more challenging orders that need their expertise

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    Lower Business Expenses for Your CFO

    • Reduce wasted time thanks to more efficient, streamlined processes built specifically for your heavy-duty business
    • Achieve tighter inventory controls, quicker returns, and better inventory turns with inventory segmentation
    • Enjoy easy onboarding through online training materials and the familiarity of Window navigation

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    Make Quicker, More Informed Decisions

    • Real-time information proactively when you need it to help you make quick decisions for your business
    • Increase visibility of operating details key for running your business day to day
    • Increase productivity and accuracy through point-and-click functionality and intuitive drop-down menus
    • Immediate assistance with integrated help screens

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    Protect Your Business from Pitfalls

    • Create tighter cash flow management through flexibility in controlling credit checks
    • Achieve discipline in your business with limits on internal POs, price overrides, and cost overrides
    • Improve accuracy in your reporting by selecting specific price files you wish to load information from
    • Ensure property credit and prevent profit loss by controlling inbound and outbound cores

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