Karmak Fusion Service


Fusion Service allows you to keep track of units and maintain only one file that is shared with Sales and Lease/Rental through the full life of the unit. Track preventive maintenance and deferred repairs to drive revenue while building trust with your customers. Maximize potential
billable hours by monitoring technician proficiency, efficiency and productivity.


  •  Track proficiency, efficiency and productivity for each technician to evaluate technician performance
  •  Show where all technicians are: whether on a job, non-billable work, or clocked out with real-time display of technician activity
  • Choose your preferred payment method of technician compensation (flat rate, hourly or hourly plus incentive)


  •  View unit history and see any and all information by specific VIN
  •  Track preventive maintenance and maintain good customer service while generating revenue for your business
  • Manage deferred repairs by maintaining visibility of needed repairs


  •  Check customer credit before opening a repair order, attach documents and photos, and track and bill warranty work to an OEM or internal with the integrated repair order process
  •  Be notified of preventive maintenance services due and deferred repairs
  •  Notifies users of potential comeback repair work
  •  Manage repair order process from start to finish with provided pre-built reports
 Want more information?  Give us a call at 1-800-2KARMAK or email fusion@karmak.com!