Karmak Fusion Parts


Fusion Parts provides you with tools to help maximize your profits, maintain tighter inventory control, make quicker and better inventory decisions with real-time data, and enhance your  customer’s experience with your parts department.


  •  Identify fast and slow-moving parts for tighter inventory control
  •  Control inbound and outbound cores to ensure proper credit and prevent profit loss with the ability to track inherent and dirty cores in the G/L
  •  Find what you’re looking for. Part number cross reference, substitutions, and supersessions gives options for out of stock items. Helps prevent lost sales


  •  Maximize your parts margins by setting specific customer pricing with the built-in Customer pricing structure
  •  Maximize margins with 7 parts pricing levels. Pricing levels can be updated by supplier
  •  Increase customer traffic and move inventory with promotional pricing discounts


  •  Control warehouse management by maintaining proper stock levels
    using system-managed inventory ordering
  •  Expedite customer service for backorder parts. Customer backorder tracking ensures parts get to the customer
  •  Speed up the receiving process and prevent errors with bar code receiving
  • Transfer parts between locations and control inventory by evaluating where it’s best used or needed


  •  Create parts invoices quickly and easily, with the option to email to the customer at the point of invoicing
  • Allow your customers to purchase parts when it’s convenient for them with online parts ordering
  •  Track sales commissions automatically in the system
 Want more information?  Give us a call at 1-800-2KARMAK or email fusion@karmak.com!