Karmak Fusion Overview


Karmak Fusion™, our flagship Windows-based solution is designed specifically for the heavy-duty industry to handle the varied demands of operating a full-service business. From easy onboarding to real-time data and built-in accountability, Fusion will have your business operating more efficiently and profitably in no time at all.


  • Complete end-to-end Windows® solution
  • Easy to navigate and learn
  • Choose the hardware you want
  • Point-and-click functionality
  • Easily integrates with Microsoft Office® software to create your own reports


  •  Everything runs on one server
  •  Widely accepted enterprise database
  •  Extensive business intelligence capabilities


  •  Easily find what you’re looking for – parts, VIN, invoice, history, etc
  •  Get only the information you need, no more sifting through pages of reports


  •  Up-to-the-second data so you can make quick decisions for your business
  •  No more waiting for nightly processing
  •  Unlimited historical data available


  •  Transmit data between Fusion and the OEM
  •  Easily integrates with other software systems, i.e. CRM, payroll, reporting


  •  Easily view, export, and analyze information in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, and text files
  •  Access to more than 375 pre-built reports


Fusion Accounting is a comprehensive accounting package with complete integration to all other Fusion modules: Service, Parts, Sales and Lease/Rental. All transactions are done in real-time giving you the most up-to-date, accurate information. Increase efficiency and save time with drill down from the transaction set to the original document to see the information you need, when you need it.


  •  Control invoicing with the flexibility of controlling credit limit checks
  •  Apply posts easily and manage multi-location customers within a single parent account using account rollups
  • Outsource collections to a third party with billing service processing


  •  Automatic payment selection by vendors, terms, discounts
  •  Streamline processing. From purchasing to posting to accounting, purchase orders flow directly into Accounts Payable so you can see detail of all PO’s


  •  Save time by simply drilling through to the original document, such as parts order, repair orders, and journal entries
  •  Track account reconciliation in the system and reconcile inventory when it’s convenient for you


  •  Group like fixed assets into categories for tracking and accounting posting
  •  Track all fixed assets and post depreciation


  •  Establish notes with varied payment frequencies for flexibility within your business
  •  Enter all open notes and post payments to G/L


Fusion Parts provides you with tools to help maximize your profits, maintain tighter inventory control, make quicker and better inventory decisions with real-time data, and enhance your  customer’s experience with your parts department.


  •  Identify fast and slow-moving parts for tighter inventory control
  •  Control inbound and outbound cores to ensure proper credit and prevent profit loss with the ability to track inherent and dirty cores in the G/L
  •  Find what you’re looking for. Part number cross reference, substitutions, and supersessions gives options for out of stock items. Helps prevent lost sales


  •  Maximize your parts margins by setting specific customer pricing with the built-in Customer pricing structure
  •  Maximize margins with 7 parts pricing levels. Pricing levels can be updated by supplier
  •  Increase customer traffic and move inventory with promotional pricing discounts


  •  Control warehouse management by maintaining proper stock levels
    using system-managed inventory ordering
  •  Expedite customer service for backorder parts. Customer backorder tracking ensures parts get to the customer
  •  Speed up the receiving process and prevent errors with bar code receiving
  • Transfer parts between locations and control inventory by evaluating where it’s best used or needed


  •  Create parts invoices quickly and easily, with the option to email to the customer at the point of invoicing
  • Allow your customers to purchase parts when it’s convenient for them with online parts ordering
  •  Track sales commissions automatically in the system


Fusion Service allows you to keep track of units and maintain only one file that is shared with Sales and Lease/Rental through the full life of the unit. Track preventive maintenance and deferred repairs to drive revenue while building trust with your customers. Maximize potential billable hours by monitoring technician proficiency, efficiency and productivity.


  •  Track proficiency, efficiency and productivity for each technician to evaluate technician performance
  •  Show where all technicians are: whether on a job, non-billable work, or clocked out with real-time display of technician activity
  • Choose your preferred payment method of technician compensation (flat rate, hourly or hourly plus incentive)


  •  View unit history and see any and all information by specific VIN
  •  Track preventive maintenance and maintain good customer service while generating revenue for your business
  • Manage deferred repairs by maintaining visibility of needed repairs


  •  Check customer credit before opening a repair order, attach documents and photos, and track and bill warranty work to an OEM or internal with the integrated repair order process
  •  Be notified of preventive maintenance services due and deferred repairs
  •  Notifies users of potential comeback repair work
  •  Manage repair order process from start to finish with provided pre-built reports


Fusion Sales provides you with tools, such as the deal process: a complete process from quoting a unit, to selling the unit, posting deal accounting as well as any after-sales that pertain to the unit. With the added functionality to print OEM and state forms you will have everything you need for processing a deal.


  •  See real time cost in the unit cost detail
  •  Eliminate the guesswork by seeing a complete snapshot ownership changes through unit occurrences
  • Store all documents of a unit in a single location for added time savings
  • Track unlimited specifications and export unit data to the web


  •  Post receiving to open item account and quote a large number of units and deliver/invoice them in installments from within the deal packet
  • Set up and track unlimited user-defined add-ons, customized for each unit
  • Review the profit on a deal all the way down to the individual line items invoiced with deal profit reporting
  • View detailed commission record by salesperson for each unit on a deal


Fusion Lease/Rental allows you to keep track of units, monitor billing and maintain only one file that is shared with Sales and Service through the full life of the unit. Attach documents and photos to each contract and make comments, keeping all unit information in one convenient location.


  •  Stay up-to-date by tracking permits and licenses to each unit
  • Track driver information
  • Units shared with sales and service modules
  • Track profitability of a unit with detailed unit reporting


  •  Be competitive with rate calculations by truck type, meter, etc
  • Add unlimited charges to the agreement, such as meter fee and admin fee
  • Set meter allowances
  • Attach documents and pictures to each agreement to minimize profit loss incurred with vehicle damages
  • Email copies of agreements to customers


  •  Include multiple units per contract for better efficiency
  • Choose the billing method that fits your business based on user-defined billing groups, (i.e. weekly, monthly, 28-days)
  • Keep track of meter readings on each vehicle to ensure proper billing with rapid meter updates
  • Easy billing of many units for more concise billing
  • Set minimum and maximum annual meter tracking on the contract


  • Flexible billing cycles
  • Unlimited charges can be added to maintenance contracts
  • Attach documents and pictures for added flexibility

Karmak Fusion will help your business be more efficient and profitable. Learn more today.