Karmak Fusion Lease/Rental


Fusion Lease/Rental allows you to keep track of units, monitor billing and maintain only one file that is shared with Sales and Service through the full life of the unit. Attach documents and photos to each contract and make comments, keeping all unit information in one convenient location.


  •  Stay up-to-date by tracking permits and licenses to each unit
  • Track driver information
  • Units shared with sales and service modules
  • Track profitability of a unit with detailed unit reporting


  •  Be competitive with rate calculations by truck type, meter, etc
  • Add unlimited charges to the agreement, such as meter fee and admin fee
  • Set meter allowances
  • Attach documents and pictures to each agreement to minimize profit loss incurred with vehicle damages
  • Email copies of agreements to customers


  •  Include multiple units per contract for better efficiency
  • Choose the billing method that fits your business based on user-defined billing groups, (i.e. weekly, monthly, 28-days)
  • Keep track of meter readings on each vehicle to ensure proper billing with rapid meter updates
  • Easy billing of many units for more concise billing
  • Set minimum and maximum annual meter tracking on the contract


  • Flexible billing cycles
  • Unlimited charges can be added to maintenance contracts
  • Attach documents and pictures for added flexibility
 Want more information?  Give us a call at 1-800-2KARMAK or email fusion@karmak.com!