Group St-Henri Finds the Right Fit for Growing Business

Co-Owner, Groupe St-Henri | Andre Larocque | 10/15/2017


Groupe St-Henri is a full service trailer dealership and lease/ rental company based in Montreal, Quebec. In 2012, they acquired a new 57,000 square foot facility, tripling their previous capacity and positioning them for growth in new and used trailers, parts, specialized equipment, and lease/rental markets. The company was founded by the Larocque family, which has been in the transportation industry since 1901.

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“We told ourselves that the next time we were going to do a move, it was going to be to a company with well-known software and a long history of helping other people.”

Those words belong to Andre Larocque, co-owner of Groupe St-Henri in Quebec. His company had gone through three different smaller software vendors, none of which had systems that fit the needs of their growing business.

“We needed software that was known in the industry to work. We had tried three different smaller software systems in the past and each time it was a nightmare,” he said.

I’m sure you can empathize with Andre and the team at St-Henri when it comes to that. You can’t operate as efficiently and profitably as you would like if you can’t trust that the software is going to give you what you need to better serve your customers and make you more money.

It wasn’t long before the team at St-Henri had found a good fit, though.

According to Andre, “We had just moved to a larger facility, so the timing to make a change was right for us. We were looking for technology that was going to help us in every aspect of our business, including lease and rental. Karmak gave us those things.”

Any fears that this move was going to end up being the nightmare that the others had been were quickly calmed, as Andre spoke highly of the implementation process.

“The service we received was awesome. They gave us, and continue to give us, a lot of support. They really make sure you are on the right track.”