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Delta Industrial – A Fusion Success for the Ages

I attribute our success with Fusion to its user friendly interface.

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When it comes to utilizing new technology in the work force, getting buy-in from all employees is a steep task. Change is often viewed as an adversary, especially when this change impacts the way daily tasks are performed. Dealer management systems are not exempt from this type of resistance.

Delta Industrial Services met this type of change with great success when they moved from Karmak Legend to Fusion. The jump from a character-based system like Legend to one with fluency only a Windows-based system like Fusion can offer proved to be a successful move for Delta.

In any work environment, there is a wide diversity of employee types. From personality, experience, background, to age, these factors can add complication to the success of implementing new procedures.

Tim Hanson, General Manager of Delta Industrial, has employees who range in age from twenty to sixty. Within that age gap is an extreme variance in technological skill.

When you compound a negative connotation of change with a resistance to technology, the success of your endeavor hangs in the balance. When asked about his bout with implementing new technology at his company, Tim said, “I have an older employee who refused to use Legend because it was too difficult to operate. He won’t use a smart phone for the same reason, but has had great success using Fusion.”

I attribute our success with Fusion to its user friendly interface,” he then said.

When a system can boast that it’s easy enough for a technologically-resistant person to navigate with success, it’s time to take notice.

Move to Karmak Fusion. The business management system designed specifically for the heavy-duty industry.