City Trailer Benefits from Fusion Functionality


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Parts, Sales and Service of semi-trailers – City Trailer Inc. Custom Paint and Body Work – City Paint Works LLC 24/7 Secure Parking – City Secure Parking LLC

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Oklahoma City, OK

The fact that Karmak Fusion is a pure Windows-based system drove us to make that our choice.

“I love it!”

When you hear the story about his company’s move to their Karmak FusionTM business system, it’s easy to understand why Jerry Eaton, CFO at City Trailer, Inc. has such high praise for it.

Beforehand, City Trailer was on a custom business system. It was small and not meeting their growing needs, so the hunt began for a new system. Initially, they went with ADP, but the value wasn’t there for them. Eventually, they decided that Karmak Fusion was an investment worth  making. They knew the return on investment made Fusion the best choice.

According to Eaton, “The fact that Karmak Fusion is a pure Windows-based system drove us to make that our choice. We love that functionality.” The ease of learning the system helped drive them to make the decision to invest in Fusion. However, the Windows-based system and the ease
of learning the system aren’t the only aspects that Eaton is partial to.


When asked if there are any departments where Fusion has made a big impact, the immediate response was Sales. “It has been the biggest help for our Sales department,” said Eaton. It has given them more control – more control of units, more control of money coming in for units, more
control of the cost on the unit. Before posting a deal, they can see all transactions that have occurred with that unit. Additionally, another big plus for the Sales department is the reporting that is available.


The accounting package is a comprehensive piece of the software that integrates with all other Fusion modules. All transactions are done in real-time giving the most up-to-date, accurate information. Eaton is still very hands-on in accounting. He cuts checks, applies checks, is always
working in the system. “I love the accounting. I can search quickly and easily answer vendor’s questions,” he said.


Fusion data can be easily viewed, exported and analyzed in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and text files. Eaton loves BI, the ability to export to Excel from BI (and data grids within the system) and Karmak Live. “I’m an Excel guy, and Karmak Live has been great for putting my BI reports in a nice, neat, sortable slick Excel spreadsheet for me to view,” he said.

Overall, Eaton contends that “Karmak Fusion beats the old system in all areas. It’s helped us in all areas.” After coming on Fusion in 2013, they still love it.