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Checklist to Optimize Your Network More Efficiently

Network optimization is the process that keeps your network running at peak efficiency. If your network is slow, the employees who use it are slowed down. This translates to less work getting done each day. For example, if a service writer writes 50 ROs each day, and there is an average delay of one minute per RO because of the network, taking steps to optimize your network can save around 200 hours a year for that single service writer.


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    Inspect each PC and laptop to ensure that all network settings are to your company standards.

    The standards are to help your network run effectively. Checking regularly that computers continue to meet those standards will ensure your network is running at peak efficiency.

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    Limit the protocols that are allowed to talk on your network.

    When protocols use the network, it creates “chatter.” The chatter slows down the network, preventing efficiency in day-to-day business.

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    Limit or ban streaming video and audio.

    Streaming video and audio takes bandwidth, so if employees are using that bandwidth, it is not being used for business.

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    Limit Internet browsing.

    Just as streaming takes bandwidth, so does general Internet browsing. Employees spending time on Facebook or other sites can slow down the network for everyone using it.

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    Use good anti-virus and malware products.

    When your software protection is effective and up-to-date, your computers are protected from viruses and malware, which are designed to cause computer problems and slow your systems down.

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    Stay in regular contact with your network provider.

    Most people only contact their network providers when there is a problem. By keeping in contact with your network provider on a regular basis, you can prevent problems instead of scrambling to fix them.

By taking a few steps to ensure your network is at its best, you can save time and money, and help ensure your operations run more smoothly.

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