Business Online


Expand parts sales without adding staff by selling parts over the Internet 24/7

The Business Online module allows your customers to search parts history, service history, customer
account balances and other vendor-to-customer relationship information on your business system via the Internet. It makes purchasing parts and looking up parts pricing and availability as easy as surfing the Web.

Business Online Benefits & Features

  • Convenience of online ordering
  • 24/7 account information
  • Reporting for sales on customer activity
  • Display company logo, part images and documents

Convenience of Online Ordering: The Business Online module allows your customers to search parts inventory from the convenience of their own location. Parts can be ordered and
your customers will receive on-screen and email confirmation of their orders.

24/7 Account Information: Business Online account holders can log in around the clock to see their account information such as recent purchases, order status, backorder status, customer core right-to-return, account balance, amount due (30, 60, 90 days), service history and more.

Reporting for Sales on Customer Activity: The Business Online user activity report allows administrators and sales representatives a chance to build stronger relationships. Sales
representatives can see when customers are searching (but not purchasing) inventory, prompting sales calls and possible price revisions.

Display Company Logo, Part Images and Documents: Business Online allows you to customize your retail site with your company logo and other images. Part images and documents may be attached to part numbers and can be viewed by your customers.

“Karmak Business Online has made it easier for our customers that do not like to call to see if a part is in stock. Our customers simply login into the website and check for themselves if we have the part. If we do, they order it online and the order is printed directly to our warehouse printer. The customer can also leave us messages or special instructions, all without having to take the time to call.”