Auto Safety House Prepares and Trains for Smooth Implementation


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Fleet Service Provider, Bus Dealer




Arizona and Nevada

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We said up front that if we were going to truly invest in anything, it was going to be training.

Implementing a new business management system is a big investment. An investment in money, an investment in resources, and an investment in trust. Selecting the right partner and executing a well thought out implementation plan are critical for success.

Auto Safety House, a fleet solutions provider based in Phoenix, Arizona, understood this and was fully-invested in the transition to Karmak Fusion.

According to Mike Iben, CEO of Auto Safety House, “We said up front that if we were going to truly invest in anything, it was going to be training.”

This investment started by setting up a comprehensive training plan for their employees using the online library of training videos that are part of the Karmak Sure Start program. Everyone was given a syllabus of the training videos and exercises they needed to go through. Karmak set up a test system where they could go online and practice doing what they learned in the videos.

To clearly communicate the expectations for training, management regularly communicated with their employees at their monthly all-hands meeting. “We let them know what the expectations were going forward. We wanted them to go through all of the training videos at least twice before we got to the on-site training at the Bring-Live,” stated Iben.

The online learning tools, a customized plan to get everyone trained, and commitment to the transition proved to be very successful for Auto Safety House. When the Karmak trainers arrived on-site for the Bring-Live, they were able to focus on fine tuning things for their operation instead of teaching how to do the basic day-to-day tasks.

“With a launch of this size, we are very satisfied with how everything has gone. Part of that is due to our preparation, but a lot of it has to do with Karmak’s people. They were great. We pushed them hard from beginning to end and they came through for us,” said Iben.