10 Signs It’s Time to Restructure Your Pricing

For a business to achieve business goals, pricing strategies and configurations must be regularly evaluated. By restructuring pricing when needed, businesses can streamline how they deal with pricing, as well as experience sustainable increases in profit margin levels. Though every business is different, there are signs that it is time to consider a pricing restructure.

  1. Parts profit margins are low or declining.
  2. You have an excessive amount of contract pricing for customers.
  3. Employees perform an excessive number of price overrides at point-of-sale.
  4. Price update configurations are not correct.
  5. Business has grown through location expansion.
  6. The business is under new ownership or management.
  7. The business’s parts sales strategies have changed.
  8. New product lines have been introduced that differ from the existing business.
  9. Too much time is being spent managing pricing maintenance.
  10. Best practices in parts pricing are not utilized.

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